If You Want to Impress Your Clients and Customers,
Choose Kinross for Your Next Company Day.

We'll Even Impress Your Accountant.

Dear Company Day Organizer:

          Perhaps the though of having to organize your company's company golf day brings some sweat to your brow and gives you indigestion. There's no need to worry. At The Green Hotel, we've successfully hosted thousands of company days and made thousands of company day organizers look very good indeed. And you'll find that our pricing structure is very competitive... which should make Montgomery_3rd_tee.pngthose in your company who are carefully watching the bottom line very happy.

For more information or to book now call 01577 863407.

          At The Green Hotel, we understand what a company day is all about and why your company invests money in its hospitality. You want to say "thank you" to current customers and you want to impress prospective ones. You want to build, buttress, and augment relationships. And you want to provide employees and associates with a wonderful day or two away from the office. We understand all this... just as we understand that you're under pressure to make your event a success.

Why should you choose The Green Hotel for your company day?

For more information or to book now call 01577 863407.

For more information or to book now call 01577 863407.