Basil's table d'hote restaurant


Basils will be closed, all other outlets will operate as normal.

With its cool elegant décor, offset by a striking trompe l’oeuil mural, Basil’s Restaurant - to be
found in the Green Hotel - is a modern European grill restaurant with an imaginative
and well-balanced menu offering a genuine gourmet experience.



          The restaurant is able to purchase some of the finest meat in the country and its commitment to securing ingredients of the highest quality is extended across the menu through an association with a number of local, organic suppliers  

 Menu 1

 Menu 2

 Menu 3



Wine List

          Enjoying exclusive access to a select group of international producers, we are able to offer not just a comprehensive selection of classic old world varieties but also some possibly unexpected new world choices

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The Courtyard Bar

          And don’t miss the opportunity to top and tail your dining experience in The Courtyard Bar. Sip an aperitif as you study the menu and then retire there to savour a digestif from our wide choice of malt whiskies.

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