The Bruce Course Hole By Hole Guide


Hole 1  

Par 4 | Yards: 335

Short straightforward par 4 to get you started. Green slopes away and is difficult to hold with second shot.


Hole 2  

Par 4 | Yards: 308

Another short par 4. Position rather than length is important off the tee with the second loaded in over the bunkers. 



Hole 3  

Par 3 | Yards: 181

Tricky par 3 off the white tees requiring a mid to long iron to a well-protected green. 



Hole 4  

Par 5 | Yards: 495

A potential card-wrecker of a par 5 if overly ambitious. Usually best to play for position with second shot.  



Hole 5  

Par 5 | Yards: 507

Long, straight par 5. Bunkers and stream are a threat off the tee with further bunkers lying in wait for errant second shots. 



Hole 6  

Par 4 | Yards: 292

The notorious 'pond hole' which tricks many an unwary golfer. A very short par 4 which is perhaps reachable for some off the tee but not worth attempting except for fun.


Hole 7  

Par 4 | Yards: 326

Optimal drive is tight to the left over the furthest bunker. Sloping green is difficult to hold with second shot.  



Hole 8  

Par 5 | Yards: 480

A drive down the right side of the fairway of this par 5 hole is key to allowing you to try for the green, which is reachable in two. 


Hole 9  

Par 5 | Yards: 483

A relatively straightforward par 5 off the white tees but a very demanding par 4 off the yellows requiring two hefty blows. 



Hole 10  

Par 4 | Yards: 370

A tricky par 4 requiring a long, straight drive in order to see the raised green with your second around the sharp dogleg left. 


Hole 11

Hole 11  

Par 3 | Yards: 175

A testing par 3 requiring an accurate mid iron to a narrow target with many drives bouncing down the slope to the right. 


Hole 12

Hole 12  

Par 5 | Yards: 513

The 5th par 5 in nine holes! The stream at 280+ yards is only in range to the longest hitters off the tee. Green slopes sharply right to left and is hard to hold. 


Hole 13

Hole 13  

Par 3 | Yards: 189

Long par 3 often into the prevailing wind means finding the putting surface with your drive is a great result. Green slopes back to front.  


Hole 14

Hole 14  

Par 4 | Yards: 389

Drive up to the crest of the hill on this par 4 leaves a downhill approach shot with a short iron to a large green.  


Hole 15

Hole 15  

Par 4 | Yards: 375

A deceptively tricky par 4 requiring a bold drive over the corner of the plantation on the right in order to make the second over dead ground to the green easier.  


Hole 16

Hole 16  

Par 3 | Yards: 160

Lovely par 3 to a long green protected by a series of bunkers front and left and by trees back and right. 


Hole 17

Hole 17  

Par 4 | Yards: 334

Position, not length, off the tee is important on this short par 4 to allow a lofted approach over bunkers to a wickedly sloping green. 


Hole 18

Hole 18  

Par 4 | Yards: 330

A relatively straightforward par 4 to finish with the well-protected green usally requiring a lofted approach with a short iron.

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