Our Two Parkland Courses - The Montgomery and The Bruce


Choices, Choices!

Ask any group of golfers who’ve played both The Montgomery and The Bruce at Kinross which one they prefer and you’ll find you’ve started a real debate.

Which side will you come down on?

Play them both and decide for yourself.

Below is an introduction to our two parkland courses which, as a hotel resident on the Resort, you can play at a discounted rate.

You can view a hole-by-hole analysis of both golf courses.



The Montgomery

Are you up for the Montgomery Challenge? Card a 79 or lower and win your place in the Montgomery Hall of Fame – an achievement which only a handful of people manage each year.

What makes it so difficult, even for low handicappers? You may get a clue on the first hole - the raised green with deep bunkers on either side can make the slightest mistake costly!

Click Here for a hole-by-hole analysis of The Montgomery.



The Bruce

Affectionately known as the ‘Wild Child’, The Bruce has been designed to offer a real challenge to the low-handicapper as well as a thoroughly enjoyable round for the holiday golfer.

A word of advice. Don’t let the four par-5s in the outward nine holes lead you into a false sense of security. They’re par-5s for very good reasons!

Click Here for a hole-by-hole analysis of The Bruce.